Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge

Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge and implantology is the branch of dentistry which is concerned with diagnosis and treatment of completely or partially missing oral or orofacial structures which includes implants, maxillofacial prosthesis (eye, ear, obturators) complete dentures, cast partial dentures, fixed partial dentures (metal ceramic, all ceramic, zirconia).

This department was started in the year 2006 with the intake of 100 BDS students, in the year 2012 MDS course was started training three post graduate students. There are separate UG and PG sections with adequate dental chairs built in the area of 7,000 sq feet. We have separate department for implantology which works with prosthodontics.

HOD Desk:
Department of Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge and implantology has highly qualified and efficient staff and also well trained supporting technical staff rendering their services with commitment for the betterment and upliftment of students and providing better services for the patients.

1Dr. Kalyan Chakravarthy.AVice Principal, Professor & HOD
2Dr. K. Satyendra KumarProfessor
3Dr. D. SravanthiReader
4Dr. Ramavarapu AvinashReader
5Dr. Phanindra. SReader
6Dr. Nukalamarri Ombrahmapraswad CharyReader
7Dr. M. Santosh KumarSr.Lecturer
8Dr. G. Naveen KumarSr.Lecturer
9Dr. L. Satya SriSr.Lecturer
10Dr. Alaveni MangaSr.Lecturer
11Dr. Deepika PSr.Lecturer
12Dr. K. Kiran BabuSr.Lecturer
13Dr. B. Radha GeethikaSr.Lecturer
14Dr. Lavudya Darshak KumarSr.Lecturer
15Dr. B. NageshTutor

Treatments Offered:
Replacement of edentulous jaws with removable complete dentures and also implant supported over dentures or implant supported full mouth fixed dentures, replacement of partially edentulous jaws by fixed partial dentures made up of metal ceramics, all ceramics and zirconia, replacement of orofacial structures and congenital or acquired defects like eye, ear, palatal obturator etc, are practiced regularly in the department.

Full mouth rehabilitation for generalised attrition and abrasion cases, cast partial dentures are prepared. We have a special focus on implant dentistry.

Facilities and Infrastructure:
  • Separate UG and PG sections with total no. 45 dental chairs.

  • Separate implant room with 2 dental chairs.

  • All creamics and metal ceramics labs.

  • Inductive casting machines – 2 no's

  • Highly equipped world class dental lab (spindle grinder , milling machine, surveying units, die cutting machine, die pin, latest pindex system and well furnished and huge PG lab with working fhantom heads and tables.

  • Separate UG and PG dental laboratories.

  • Spacious seminar room for PG with maintained departmental library with near about 50 reference books, separate locker and reading room.

  • Every PG student are provided with semi adjustable articulator.

On Going Projects:
  • Dr. Khaja Yousuf: "Comparitive Adaptation Accuracy of Different Injection Moulded Resin Denture Base Materials – an Invitro Study"

  • Dr. K. Rohan: "A Comparitive Study of Fracture Resistance of Zirconia and Ni Cr Metal Framework for Fixed Partial Denture"- am Invitro Study

  • Dr. Shylaja: "Comparision of Wear Resistance of Crosslinked Acrylic Denture Teeth" – an Invitro Study

  • Dr. K.Sukumar: "Effect of Repeated Firing on the Color of alumina ceramic system with two different veneering Porcelain Shades – an Invito Study"

  • Dr. S. Sai Krishna: "Comparative Evaluation of Newly Formulated Vinyylsiloxane Ether (Monophase Impression Material) with Normal Polyether (Monophase) and Polyvinyl Siloxane (Monophase)"

  • Dr. Jalaluddin:"Comparative Evaluation of Flexural Strength and impact strength of PMMA resin Reinforced with Glass Fibre and Metal and without Reinforcements" – an invitro study

  • Dr. K. Sai Krishna: "Comparision of Transverse Strength OH Three Different Injection Moulding Denture Base Materials – an Invitro Study"

  • Dr. Naveen Kumar.G: "Comparitive Evaluation of Repair Strength of Different Joint Surfaces of Acrylic Resind After Various Surface Treatments - an Invitro Study"

  • Dr. Nazish Fatima: "Effect of zirconia Addition on the Flexural Strength and Impact Strength of High Strength Polymethyl Methacrylate Resin – an Invitro Study"

  • Dr. S. Sai Krishna: "Reliability of Protrusive Condylar Guidance Angulation and Non Arcon Semi Adjustable Articulator in Lateral Cephalogram – A Short Study"

  • Dr. K.Rohan: "Assesment of Denture Hygiene Maintainence Among Elderly Patients in Nizamabad (Telangana) Population- A Survey"

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