Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics

Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics is a branch of science and the art of dentistry concerned with prevention, interception and correction of dentofacial abnormalities. The department trains and educates both undergraduate and post graduate students to become competent dental professionals. The teaching programme adopt evolving technologies in orthodontics to enhance teaching and enrich the learning experience for students. The department provides optimum dental health care and correction of malocclusion to underprivileged population of society.

The department now provides the latest equipments and high quality materials in a refined ambience along with a coordinated administration. Beyond the teaching activities, we serve the diverse population of patients.

The main MOTTO of our department is to make powerful impact by providing the best care possible in an effective manner for every patient.

HOD Desk
The department came into existence in 2006 with the establishment of college. The treatment of malaligned or misplaced teeth and abnormalities of jaws require special expertise under the direct supervision of the specialist . Orthognathic surgeries and multidisciplinary treatments for those suffering from facial deformities like cleft lip and palate and jaw abnormalities. The department has modern tools like digital x-rays digital photographs and orthodontic software for diagnosis and treatment planning. Modern orthodontic techniques including lingual orthodontics and other form of esthetic braces are available for the patients

1Dr. E. Seena NaikProfessor & HOD
2Dr. M. Thirumal NaikProfessor
3Dr. B. Santosh ReddyProfessor
4Dr. P. Rahul GoudReader
5Dr. Debashish DashReader
6Dr. P. ManishSr.Lecturer
7Dr. Ravi. RSr.Lecturer
8Dr. Perumallapalli DivyaSr.Lecturer
9Dr. A. MounikaSr.Lecturer
10Dr. Madapathi TejasviSr.Lecturer
11Dr. M. SwathiSr.Lecturer
12Dr. Nalam SrilaxmiSr.Lecturer

The department caters to all the needs of the patient in an efficient manner.

The academic programme for UG & PG has problem based learning, case based learning, wire bending skills, seminars, journalclubs and powerpoint presentations with best art projectors and visuals.

Distinguished Facilities:
  • Well equipped store room

  • Latest lab equipments

  • Software for patient education

  • Departmental library collection with latest books

  • Photography at each treatment stage and stored in digital format

  • Audio visual system

Services Offered:
  • Removable appliances

  • Orthopaedic appliances

  • Fixed functional appliances

  • Intraoral molar distalization

  • Expansion appliances

  • Begg and PEA fixed appliances

  • Self ligating appliances

  • Temporary anchorage devices

  • Esthetics brackets

Multi-disciplinary patient care:
We believe in holistic approach towards patient care and do not limit our thinking only towards orthodontic treatment necessary referrals are made to concerned departments.

Ongoing projects:
  • Comparative Evaluation Of Different Subgingival Irrigants On Gingival Health Of Patients Undergoing Multibracketed Orthodontic Therapy.

  • A Comparative Evaluation Of The Color Stability Of Orthodontic Adhesive Resins Subjected To Various Discoloring Agents– An Invitro Study

  • Variations In Linear And Angular Measurements Due To Head Rotations On Lateral And Postero-anterior Cephalometric Radiographs.

  • A Study To Assess The Dynamic Smile In Different Malocclusions.

  • Assessment And Comparison Of Facial Asymmetry By Photographic And Radiographic Methods.

  • To Compare The Accuracy Of 0.022 Inch Slot Of Stainless Steel And Ceramic Orthodontic Brackets Marketed By Different Manufacturers.

  • Effect Of Bracket Design On Periodontal Status & Microbial Colonization During Early Phase Of Orthodontic Treatment

  • To Assess The Microbial Contamination Of Orthodontic Buccal Tubes, Arch Wires And Brackets From Various Manufactures-An Invitro Study.

  • To Evaluate & Compare The Accurancy & Reliability Of Common Hard Tissue & Soft Tissue Cephalometric Linear & Angular Measurements B/W Nemoceph & Dolphin Imaging Software & Their Relative Comparision With Manual Cephalometric Tracing.

  • To Evaluate The Bond Strength Of Brackets After Expiration Of Light Cure And Self Cure Composites

  • A Study To Evaluate And Compare The Relationship Of Lower Lip To Chin In Skeletal Class I And Class II Malocclusion

  • A Study To Evaluate The Effects Of Different Mouthwashes, Acidic Soft Drinks And Herbal Teas On The Shear Bond Strength Of Orthodontic Stainless Steel Brackets – An In vitro Study.

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